• Emily Adler

Password Managers - Are you using one yet?

I ask every new client if they use a Password Manager app.

With proper setup and training, this single tool can revolutionize your day to day work, and drastically improve your online security.

In a workplace where you need to share an ever growing list of website logins, many companies start by keeping a single document that lists all the company's login details in one place. Usually that practice is combined with the reuse of a single password (or slight variations of it) to make logging in easy. Who wants to type a long alpha-numeric string??

"MyDog123" "myDog123!" "MyD0g12$" "myPerro123!"

Browsers such as Chrome and Safari now offer basic password keychain features so you can save login information in your browser. This saves you the trouble of remembering a password and typing it each time, but what if you update the password on one of your devices? What happens when a coworker changes the password for a shared resource?

If you are using a single password for most of your sensitive data, what happens when an employee or contractor leaves the company? You would have to reset the password for all your logins to ensure access is properly secured, and make sure your team is properly notified to minimize disruptions.

Enter the magic of the password manager app.

1- You only have to remember one (ideally complex) password to login to the app.

2- The app generates complex passwords and auto-fills login info on each website. Every website can have a unique, complex password because you never have to remember it.

3- Share passwords between coworkers and family. When one user updates the shared password, everyone else's app automatically gets the update.

4- Get better visibility into security concerns, such as reused passwords or security breaches at any site where you have an account.

5- Save other sensitive or key data securely in the app as well, such as credit card & banking data, WiFi passwords, birthdays, and Tax ID numbers.

The NYTimes Wirecutter recently published this article on the topic.

They recommend 1Password and LastPass. We also like Dashlane.

ADLER ANALYTICS Implementation Tips:

-Regardless of the app you choose, make sure you get syncing between all your devices (laptop, phone, tablet, second computer).

-Make sure the browser extensions are installed and working so auto-fill works

-Once the app is installed and all your passwords are imported, clear your saved passwords from other locations to avoid confusion.

-If you need to share passwords with coworkers or family members, make sure each person has their own account and has the app installed on their devices. Share specific passwords between users as needed, and allow each user to keep private passwords in their unique account.

Once you experience the convenience and time savings of a password manager app, we are pretty sure you won't want to live without it.

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