10 Tech Tips:
Software for Entrepreneurs in the Digital Era

A passion, a spark, a better way to solve a problem or fill a need. These are some of the reasons why you, as an entrepreneur, may have embarked on the journey of building a business.

As your business idea develops and matures, you begin to encounter all the additional logistical requirements to managing a business.  Technical tools and software can be invaluable instruments in today's business environment.


Many new entrepreneurs have spent the earlier part of their career in a large organization, where they were proficient users of technology, but never had to procure it or set it up. Other entrepreneurs have a growing business and for the first time in their life have to use a computer for ‘office work’.


In this interview with Lyn Christian of SoulSalt, Emily Adler discusses how to select the right software for your business, and shares 10 Tech Tips that can help any entrepreneur establish their tech foundation with easily accessible digital tools.

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